‘Large Neck Man’ Goes Viral After Obtaining Detained Once Again

‘Large Neck Guy’ Runs Viral After Obtaining Arrested Just As Before

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‘Wide Neck Man’ Goes Viral After Just One More Violent Arrest

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Charles Dion McDowell, more commonly referred to as “Wide Neck man,” has gone viral after becoming detained once again. Now, he had been faced with stalking after he presumably delivered a lady threatening emails and showed up at the woman house unannounced and uninvited. In accordance with the
New York Article
, a guarantee for their arrest was actually given in August 2022. But law enforcement just caught up with him recently. Wide Neck Guy can also be in heated water for presumably withholding youngster help.

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

  1. 1st arrest came back in 2018 when he was taken into guardianship for drug offenses in north Fl.

    He had been charged at that time with control of cocaine and meth as well as purpose to manufacture, sell, or provide the drugs. When their mugshot showed up on-line, everyone was quickly shocked at sized his neck. Not surprising that they name him Wide Neck man!

  2. He had been
    once again later the same 12 months.

    Now, it had been for some thing completely different. He had been charged with operating without a license, careless driving, second-degree marijuana possession, and evading police. That mugshot ended up being equally remarkable because the first, and Charles Dion McDowell shot to popularity yet again. Large Neck chap had gotten their bail revoked these times, and then he had to take your time behind bars.

  3. After his 2nd arrest, he said he’d changed.

    He got to
    after their release from prison to mention that he ended up being leaving crime behind forever. “we is not ever going returning to that life,” the guy blogged. “we faced all my personal issues. I no further have nightmares. I’m truly living my future.” Evidently maybe not!

  4. He is currently being held without connect.

    Provided their propensity of
    attempting to evade police
    , it’s no wonder they certainly weren’t happy to set him shed once again. He’s going to go before a judge in following times, but no time is openly announced.

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