Something Sweet


Koeksisters * 4                                                                                     R20                                     

Chocolate Croissant                                                  R35

Cinnamon Fried Banana Pancakes                                        R35

Fruit Wafflesserved with ice-cream                                                     R45

Flap Jacks                                                                                        

3 per serving, drizzled with maple syrup                                                                                                                                                

·         Strawberry Jam & Cream                                                                    R40

·         Mix Berry Compote                                                                               R50


Scones                                                                                                        R40

·         Cheese or Jam & Cream


Muesli, Yogurt & Fresh Fruit                                                        R50

·         Fruit salad served with yoghurt


Classic Breakfast


Early Bird eggs fried, scrambled or poached                                      R70

2sausages, 2eggs, 2slices of toast, grilled tomato, mushroom & fries.


Princess Platter                                                                                    R55

1 fried egg, 1 grilled sausage, mushrooms, macon, toast & salad.


Big Man’s Mealeggs fried, scrambled or poached                         R95 

2 eggs, macon, sausage, tomato chilli beans, savoury mince, grilled

tomato, mushrooms, fries & salad.


Bapu Breakfast eggs fried, scrambled or poached               R80

masala egg, baadjie potato with curried mince or grilled sausage.

Hearty Haddock                                                                                    R95                         


Haddock on hashbrowns with 2 poached eggs, roasted peppers,

grilled tomato, topped with mozzarella.



All omelettes with sautéed onions & peppers, topped with cheddar

& mozzarella cheese served with a side salad & 2slices of toast.


Chicken                                                                                               R75

Steak                                                                                                     R80

Plain                                                                                                       R50

Mushroom                                                                                        R70

Smoked Salmon                                                                        R90

Shrimp                                                                                                 R85

Masala Mince                                                                                 R70



Mexican                                                                                               R65

[Savory mince topped with chilli beans, fried egg & cheese]

Spicy Steak                                                                                       R80 

[Steak, avo, cocktail tomato & mustard]

Chicken                                                                                          R75

[Chicken, mushroom & roasted pepper]



All croissants served with lettuce, tomato & cucumber.


Scrambled Egg                                                                               R40                                     

Chicken & Mayo                                                                                     R50

Cheese & Tomato                                                                           R40

Spiced Beef & Cheese                                                                       R50

Salmon, Avo & Cream cheese                                                    R60



Breakfast Dagwood                                                                       R75                                     

Macon, cheese, mince & egg

Steak Dagwood                                                                                    R85

Steak, egg, cheese & macon


Eggs Benedict                                                                                                     

2 poached eggs served with sautéed spinach topped with

hollandaise on an English muffin

·         Macon                                                                                                                     R70

·         Salmon & Avo                                                                                                   R85

·         Steak                                                                                                                       R80


Scrambled Eggs

3 eggs served with two slices of toast & a side salad                                                                                                         

·          Smoked salmon                                                                                                               R80                                 

·          3 Breakfast sausages                                                                                                  R65


Gourmet Breakfast

Breakfast Burger                                                                                R80

Beef patty, egg, mushrooms, sautéed onion, cheese on

an English muffin.

Sirloin Breakfast                                                                                         R95

200g Sirloin seared with sautéed spinach drenched in hollandaise

sauce topped with poach egg and julienne apple.

Breakfast Wrap                                                                              R80

Scrambled egg with macon & spinach served with fries.

Lasagne Pancakes                                                                            R70

Served with some side salad & garlic bread-sticks.                                                                                                                          

French Toast                                                       

3 slices served with tomato sauce & drizzled with golden syrup                                                                                  

·         Plain                                                                                                                   R40

·         Masala                                                                                                        R40

·         Fried Banana                                                                                               R50

·         Mixed Berry Compote                                                                          R50                                           


Sandwiches & Tramezzini’s

All sandwiches served with lettuce, tomato & cucumber. Choice of white,

brown or whole wheat bread. All tramezzini’s are filled with mozzarella

& cheddar cheese. Sandwich (S)- Tramezzini (T)

                                                                                   S           T


Cheese, Tom & Onion                                              R45            R55

Spiced Beef & Cheese                                            R60            R70

Chicken & Light Mayo                                             R60                   R75 

Honey Mustard Chicken                                      R65                    R75

Chicken & Mushroom                                         R65                  R75 

Chicken, Spiced Beef & Cheese                 R70                   R80

Chicken, Avo & Feta                                                  R65                   R75

Grilled Steak                                                                 R75                  R95

Tuna & Light Mayo                                                     R60                  R75 

Smoked Salmon, Avo & Cream Cheese    R70            R85