Promposal Stories: Teen Asks Lady To Prom, Has Smacked By Tree (LOOK) | HuffPost Teen

This child’s prom-posal gave another meaning to the stating “love hurts.”

The senior high school in the senior unknown) obviously installed a massive sign that read, “Tess Prom?” from a two-deck red bus, that includes balloons and a microphone when it comes to boy to sing “Danke Schoen.” According to his
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, she mentioned yes, but that is maybe not where in fact the story ends up.

The two joyfully rode down inside sunset in the shuttle’s very top deck, this is certainly, until he stood up-and smacked their directly a tree. After spending a couple of hours in emergency room, he supplied some crucial terms of advice about onlookers: “You should not stand on busses, yo.”

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